The BioCompute community is comprised of several groups and individuals from regulatory, academia, and private industry that have contributed to the concept, development, testing, and/or feedback of the BioCompute project. The first formal structure to take shape is the Public Private Partnership, which focuses on the support, adoption and application of the IEEE standard. (Note that the PPP is not responsible for the development of the IEEE standard. The standard was developed by the P2791 Working Group, and the difference between these two is explained here.

The BioCompute Public Private Partnership is the nexus of many fields with interests in the communication bioinformatic workflow analysis. For membership, please register here.

The mission of the Public Private Partnership is to:

  • Develop a community of stakeholders with interests in creating a versatile data harmonization framework that allows the standardized definition of platform-independent bioinformatics pipelines for execution, and is easily read by humans and machines.
  • Facilitate the development of tools and facilities implementing data typing, instantiation, deposition, storage, and distribution of validated BioCompute Objects through a BioCompute database, in order to enable reproducible scientific research and regulatory submissions of data and computations.
  • Facilitate portability of pipelines for execution.

Current members

ArgentysMillipore SigmaOpen Health Systems Laboratory (OHSL)
ArgentysMillipore Sigma