BioCompute Organizational Layout

Two non-overlapping entities work in parallel to help drive BioCompute, the IEEE 2791-2020 Standard, and a Public Private Partnership. Leadership for the Public Private Partnership consists of an Executive Steering Committee and a Technical Steering Committee. The schema that is referenced by the current draft of the IEEE standard is maintained by an IEEE GitLab repository.

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Both groups operate in distinct spaces. While the mission of the IEEE 2791-2020 Standard is to maintain an officially recognized standard through a publicly accessible, consensus-driven approach, the mission of the Public Private Partnership is to:

  • Develop a community of stakeholders with interests in creating a versatile data harmonization framework that allows the standardized definition of platform-independent bioinformatics pipelines for execution, and is easily read by humans and machines.
  • Facilitate the development of tools and facilities implementing data typing, instantiation, deposition, storage, and distribution of validated BioCompute Objects through a BioCompute database, in order to enable reproducible scientific research and regulatory submissions of data and computations.
  • Facilitate portability of pipelines for execution.