As a primaraly open source project BioCompute has many different avenews for participation. The list below is not exaustive but it is fairly comprehensive.

Monthly Technical Steering Committee Meeting

The Technical Steering Committee of the BioCompute Partnership (TSC) is a body of experienced professionals with BioCompute standard subject matter expertise.

The primary purpose of the TSC as described in this initial charter falls into 2 categories:

  1. Promoting and supporting the BioCompute Standard

  2. Build Tools Related to the BioCompute Standard

BioCompute Organization

Two non-overlapping entities work in parallel to help drive BioCompute, the IEEE 2791-2020 Standard, and a Public Private Partnership. Leadership for the Public Private Partnership consists of an Executive Steering Committee and a Technical Steering Committee.

BioCompute Services

The objective of the BioCompute Public-Private Partnership is to facilitate the efficient communication of certain critical elements of genomic analyses for the purpose of rendering genomic analyses more easily and beneficially consumed by research institutions, clinical and diagnostic care facilities, biotech and pharma entities, and regulatory bodies such as the FDA.

  • BCO Certification
  • BCO Verification
  • BCO Database
  • BCO Technical Support

BioCompute Leadership

BioCompute is governed by an Executive Steering Committee, which engages in outreach and has executive oversight over the project, and a Technical Steering Committee, which builds tools and resources related to the IEEE-2791-2020 standard, and provides technical guidance to the community.